Poster preparation

  • Posters should be prepared in a portrait format. Final poster dimension must be no more than 90 cm wide x 120 cm high (approx. 35 x 47 inches). Please ensure your poster does not exceed this dimension.

  • For best effect, it should be possible to read and understand a poster within 3 minutes. Please do NOT duplicate your abstract on the poster.

  • The following parts are essential for most posters: Introduction (put your work into context); Materials and methods (procedures, protocols); Results (observations); Conclusions.

  • Most people read the title and conclusions. If these do not pique their interest, they go on to the next poster. Thus, design the parts just described to be simple and effective.

Poster set-up & presentation

  • Poster displays may be set up anytime from 7:30 – 12:00 on Monday, June 10. Mounting material will be provided. All storage/mounting materials, including poster tubes, must be removed prior to the Poster Receptions. Any materials left on or around the poster board after the scheduled take-down time will be discarded by the congress staff.

  • Presenting author has to be present to answer questions during the Poster Receptions:

    Monday June 10, 2013 (15:00 - 16:15)
    Abstract topics: Gonads, gametes and embryos
    Tuesday June 11, 2013 (15:00 - 16:15)
    Abstract topics: Pregnancy, parturition and the neonate
    Wednesday June 12, 2013 (15:00 - 16:15)
    Abstract topics: Reproductive biotechnology