About Olsztyn

Olsztyn is a city in the north-eastern Poland being the capital of Warmia and Masuria region. The Masurian Lakes district is one of the most attractive and beautiful areas in Poland that was one of the finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Masuria is a paradise for sailors and nature enthusiasts. Nicknamed the Land of Thousand Lakes, actually have two thousands of them surrounded by the forests and unique nature. Once in Olsztyn, one can find many historical sites dating back to the times of the Teutonic Knights and Prussian rule. However, the major part of the city is re-build, beeing almost totally destructed after The World War II in 1945, with dominant architecture of "Swedish" apartment blocks. Main touristic attractions include:

  • The Warmia Chapter Castle, which was built in 14th century. The most famous administrator of the castle was Nicolas Copernicus.

  • St. Jacob’s Cathedral basilica in Olsztyn, built in 14th century in the Gothic style. Over the centuries it was visited by many prominent people: King Władysław IV, Feliks Nowowiejski and John Paul II.

  • The High Gate (Upper gate) and defensive walls. The last one  from three gates, existed in defensive walls surrounding the town during medieval times.

  • The Old Town, historical part of the city, where we can find The Old Town Hall, Former Fish Market and colorful maisons. Nowadays being the most popular place for business lunches and family reunions.

  • Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory – places where we can observe stars and planets and watch spectacular lectures about heavenly bodies.

More information about the city and its history as well as practical information (communication, health) can be found at http://www.olsztyn.eu/en.

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