Privacy Policy

What are cookie files?
Most present-day websites use cookies. They are small files created by your internet browser and saved on your device when loading a website. These files can be stored even after your browser is closed.

What are they being used for?
Cookies allow website servers to determine whether a particular user has visited the website before using the same device and browser. If so, there will be a record of it.

What information can be stored in cookies?
It depends on the type of the website. The information can be:

  • used for statistical purposes,
  • regarding content provided to a user according to their individual interests,
  • used for user identification, i.e. the so-called “session cookies”, deleted from your system after a session expires.

Controlling and deleting cookies.
The user has the right to block and delete cookie files. This can be done from your browser settings panel. Detailed instructions can be found in the “Help” section accessible from your browser’s menu. Please find below links to official websites of the most popular internet browsers containing information on managing cookies.

Final provisions.
Please be advised that:

  • by visiting this website and using our services without adjusting your browser settings you permit us to use cookie files,
  • blocking or deleting cookies may prevent our website from functioning properly.